HPE iLO Advanced 1-server License with 1yr Support on iLO


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  • Obsolete Date 31-12-2025
  • End of support date 31-12-2030


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Need to secure your server and remotely manage it? The HPE iLO Advanced license offers security and smart remote functionality without compromise for HPE ProLiant servers. This license includes the full suite of HPE iLO server management capabilities that offer users enhanced security, improved efficiency and ease of server management. The Integrated Remote Console feature unlocked by this license lets you operate on your server from anywhere, anytime increasing productivity. It also unlocks all marque security features offered by HPE ProLiant servers such as directory integration and 2-factor authentication that complement the security features which are part of the base server offering. This license enables the complete group management capabilities provided by the HPE iLO Federation feature. HPE iLO Advanced is available for HPE ProLiant, HPE Apollo and HPE Edgeline servers. HPE Synergy Compute Modules also include the HPE iLO Advanced capabilities, no license is needed.

What’s new

  • Added support for separate power domains for system and GPU based on platform support.
  • Added support for AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series processors.
  • Incorporated Secure Element controller on the system board for HPE iLO to enable transfer of ownership.
  • Platform Level Data Model (PLDM) Downstream Drive firmware update support.
  • Global component integrity option allows HPE iLO 6 to verify and authenticate all the applicable components in the server using Security Protocol Data Model (SPDM) standard.


HPE iLO Advanced offers group virtual media which gives you the ability to replicate the same script media within an HPE iLO Federation group.

Group power control lets you turn several servers on and off with a single click.

Simplified Server Management at Scale and Built-in Group Management with HPE iLO Federation

Group power capping allows servers to share power consumption among a group of servers.

Power management with 24-hour history and dynamic capping for health monitoring, power and thermal control.

HTML5 remote console for HPE iLO.

Group license activation for faster implementation of HPE iLO licenses.

Kerberos authentication provides dual authentication allowing users to log in once and navigate between servers.

Virtual media and folders to simplify server set up.

Supports global team collaboration for up to six consoles.

HPE iLO Advanced provides Integrated Remote Console with virtual keyboard and mouse to significantly reduce IT cost associated with travel and unplanned downtime.

Sophisticated Remote Administration of Servers

Console record and playback of server administration activity.

Silicon root of trust from HPE provides unparalleled level of system protection against by taking advantage of immutable digital fingerprints in the HPE iLO chips provisioned at factory.

Enhanced Security Features

HPE iLO supports factory-provisioned server identity (iLO IDevID) and user-defined server identity (iLO LDevID) that conforms with IEEE 802.1AR DevID standard. It also stores the factory-provisioned system certificates (System IDevID and System IAK).

HPE iLO Advanced provides Directory Service Authentication that allows for user-password policies to be inherited from a directory without the need to update user-password setting in each server.

Common access card (CAC)/personal identity verification (PIV) card based on 2-factor authentication (available on HPE Gen10 server portfolios and later).


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ILO Advanced License Key Retreival (Russian)

Если на сервере установлен ключ ILO Advanced, его можно скачать при помощи скрипта и скриптовой утилиты.

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