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HPE OneView is the foundation of today's software-defined infrastructure, helping IT deploy infrastructure faster, simplify lifecycle operations, and increase productivity. It lets IT compose workloads like code, while increasing agility, as well as enabling predictability and compliance. With HPE OneView, customers can orchestrate their infrastructure from core to cloud by integrating with partner cloud management platforms.

What’s new

  • Support for latest HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers using Redfish DMTF Standard
  • Support for monitoring HPE StoreEasy servers including enabling FW updates without a profile
  • Support for Superdome Flex v3.60 and Superdome Flex 280 v1.40 firmware
  • Support for monitoring and managing HPE Alletra rackmount Gen11 servers
  • Fibre Channel SAN volume attach configuration with Nimble storage systems Active/Active controllers (Requires Nimble OS 5.3 FW)
  • HPE Image Streamer is no longer supported


Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers additional consulting services to help ensure faster deployment and time to value. HPE Pointnext Services envisions and define the right vision for the software-defined infrastructure.

Accelerate Time to Value with HPE Pointnext Services and Support

As customers deploy HPE OneView, HPE Pointnext Services work with users to achieve faster time to value via rapid design and deployment.

Using software templates, a single line of code can fully describe and compose all the physical resources required for an application, a virtual host, or a container infrastructure.

Once IT software-defined processes with HPE OneView, IT administrators can easily compose on-premises physical infrastructure and manage it as code.

Transform to Software-defined Automation
Compose for Any Workload

HPE OneView enables IT administrators to connect their software-defined infrastructure from core to cloud by provisioning turnkey private cloud infrastructure with a diverse partner ecosystem.

IT organizations can leverage the partner ecosystem to integrate HPE OneView within their existing management frameworks with their preferred platforms. These capabilities allow teams to deliver projects consistently while meeting desired outcomes for key stakeholders.

HPE OneView simplifies lifecycle management across the entire infrastructure. IT can apply firmware and driver updates within the template, which helps ensure more advanced self-monitoring and maintenance tools and frictionless updates for important lifecycle ops like firmware and driver updates.

A growing list of automation partners is taking advantage of the unified API in HPE OneView, providing businesses with a wide range of automation tools, including Ansible® by Red Hat®, PowerShell®, Python, Terraform, and VMware® vRealize® Orchestration.

A consolidated and easy to use interface in HPE OneView provides a unified view of the health of servers, profiles, enclosures, storage, and networking. IT can also proactively monitor the health of the entire infrastructure, sending alerts before issues create any downtime.

Through HPE OneView integrations with ecosystem partners, IT administrators can automate deployment of modern enterprise applications.

Connect from Core to Cloud

Using HPE OneView, IT specialists create a catalogue of workload optimized infrastructure templates, which allows generalists to rapidly and reliably provision compute, storage, and fabric resources.

The physical infrastructure of the datacenter is defined using software, which makes it programmable and able to be managed through one unified API.

IT organizations want to spend less time deploying and managing hardware and more time delivering IT services. Software-defined automation in HPE OneView lets IT deploy infrastructure faster, simplify lifecycle operations, and increase productivity.

HPE OneView customers can now transform their infrastructure, compose every workload, and connect from core to cloud while still working with the composable ecosystem partners such as Morpheus, MicroFocus, and CANCOM.

HPE OneView training from HPE Education Services offers a broad range of courses that help develop skills on IT’s journey to composable infrastructure.

HPE OneView implementation services provide custom consulting and system integration for the configuration and implementation of HPE OneView, from designing and implementing to identifying organizational impact and training requirements.


Demo Video: Ansible integration with HPE OneView

Use this integration demo to learn how to configure your bare-metal infrastructure with the HPE OneView Ansible module, allowing you to treat your infrastructure as code. Learn more at hpe.com/info/composableprogram

HPE OneView: Replace self-signed certificate with CA-signed certificate

This video demonstrates how to replace a self-signed certificate with a certificate authority (CA)-signed certificate for use in the HPE OneView appliance.

Automation is an essential for digital transformation

HPE and Red Hat have partnered together to deliver an automation solution that frees admins up to focus on efforts that help deliver more value to the business by speeding time to delivery for any IT request.

Reducing IT complexity with HPE OneView

Discover the real technical and business benefits of infrastructure automation through HPE OneView in this video with analysts from The Enterprise Strategy Group.

Key IT infrastructure management challenges

Discover key IT infrastructure management challenges in this video with analysts from The Enterprise Strategy Group.

Automate your infrastructure management across your data center

This ESG video helps you discover the top benefits of using software defined intelligence with HPE OneView to automate your infrastructure management across your data center.

Accelerate service delivery for developers with HPE OneView

This ESG video helps you discover the top benefits of using software defined intelligence with HPE OneView to automate your infrastructure management across your data center.

Brown Bag Films’ animation breaks boundaries with HPE Hybrid IT

From award winning films to children’s television shows, Brown Bag Films relies on HPE Hybrid IT solutions to help it build out high quality content for numerous animation projects.

HPE OneView

Take a quick look at what HPE OneView is all about, and how it can transform your infrastructure to a software defined data center.

HPE on HPE: HPE CS700 / HPE OneView Implementation – Zero to Cloud

Pre-built HPE ConvergedSystem 700 with HPE Helion CloudSystem, goes from crate-to-connect in seven hours using HPE OneView.

Simplify Lifecycle operations with HPE OneView

4 min video showing how HPE OneView Global Dashboard simplifies lifecycle operations by providing a unified view of system health, alerts, and inventory across multiple sites, giving you the power to monitor thousands of devices from a single view.

Empower Business Opportunities with IT Modernization

To stay ahead of the competition, IT Leaders are faced with ever-increasing demands to turn new business ideas into innovative new products and services. IT modernization can help. Get ideas on how to empower your business.

HP OneView integration with vRealize Operations

This demonstration explains how HP OneView works with VMware vCenter and vRealize to make monitoring simple and trouble-shooting faster from these VMware management solutions

HPE Composable Infrastructure Ecosystem – hear from the partners video

At Discover London 2015, Hewlett Packard Enterprise launched Composable Infrastructure and featured partnerships with many of the world''s top management and DevOp tool developers. Here is what some of them had to say.

HPE Storage Software Defined Solutions

Learn about how City of Los Angeles Department of Buildings and Safety, BlueSky Sytems and the University of Wolverhampton utilize HPE Hyper-Converged solutions to reduce costs, create an IT platform built for growth and alleviate maintenance issues.

HPE OneView Infrastructure Management Solution

This light board video explains the functions & features of HPE OneView, an infrastructure management solution software. It helps to monitor & manage several products within the HPE portfolio.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and service providers partner to deliver hybrid IT and accelerate growth

Hear service providers discuss how partnering with HPE helped them accelerate growth and deliver hybrid IT. With HPE revenue-generating service provider solutions, flexible business models and go-to-market partnerships, they are ready for anything

OneView Demo Video

This video gives a demo of OneView and how it can help you eliminate infrastructure complexity with automation simplicity. It unifies and simplifies server and storage resource management with one tool, one process and one experience.

HP OneView Versus Cisco UCS Manager – a tale of two architectures

Learn how HP OneView, HP’s simplified and powerful infrastructure management software, provides a single interface for end-to-end converged management and helps IT reduce risk and mitigate risk.

Top Reasons to choose HP BladeSystems

Business is demanding more than ever from IT to deliver new services in less time without increasing resources. An IDC survey of customers reveals the top reasons why IT managers chose HP BladeSystem to meet their business needs.

Integrated Remote Support with HPE OneView 3.0

Designed with a modern, standard unified API and software defined intelligence, HPE OneView 3.0 simplifies the lifecycle management of your infrastructure and helps you achieve a more efficient data center.

Chef integration with HP OneView

Bring the simplicity of public cloud infrastructure as code to your private data center with the new HP OneView driver for Chef Provisioning.

HPE OneView Global Dashboard Demo

Take a tour of the HPE OneView Global Dashboard, the single pane of glass view of your HPE OneView managed infrastructure. Learn how to use some of the best features, like report scheduling, searching, and how to access issues in just a few clicks.

HPE OneView Reaches One Million

HPE OneView has reached 1 million licenses sold. Learn a little bit about how the product came to be, and why HPE OneView customers are so important to its success!

HPE OneView 5.0 light board

This light board video describers the new features of OneView 5.0 in detail and explains how they are beneficial in different ways. These new features have just been announced by HPE. Read more: hpe.com/uk/oneview

How to install Log Analytics and Automation

This video shows how to install Azure Log Analytics and Azure Automation. This series is an informal technical series covering the installation, configuration, and usage of HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics.

Speed deployment of VMware VMs with HPE Composable Fabric

Leverage the tight integration between HPE Composable Fabric and VMware vSphere to assign VLANs to VMs without the hassle of going through a networking team. Learn more at hpe.com/composablefabric.

Maximize performance with vSAN path isolation on HPE Composable Fabric

Protect your critical workloads with dedicated bandwidth using vSAN path isolation on HPE Composable Fabric. Learn more at hpe.com/composablefabric

The Value of HPE OneView

This is the new messaging to explain how HPE OneView can provide value to customers for a software-defined infrastructure.

HPE OneView Remote Technician

Take advantage of on-demand, live troubleshooting with the newest HPE Pointnext technology for HPE OneView, Remote Technician. Fast and secure, HPE OneView Remote Technician gives you the power to resolved issues faster with remote troubleshooting.

IT Insights: What''s new with HPE OneView 5.0?

Frances Guida, Manager of HPE OneView Automation and Ecosystem Product Management, sits down with Chris Purcell to discuss what''s new with HPE OneView 5.0.

HPE OneView 4.1 Firmware update demo

See how fast firmware updates are with HPE OneView 4.1. You can expect up to 50% faster updates with HPE OneView 4.1 on Gen10 Servers.

Augmented Reality – HPE OneView

Take an augmented reality tour of HPE OneView, then visit www.hpe.com/oneview to learn more.

HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics Series -#1 Architecture Overview

Video #1 (of 16) in an informal technical series covering the installation, configuration, and usage of HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics. This video provides a basic architectural overview of the HPE components used in the solution.

Meet the Team – HPE OneView Product Management

Meet Frances Guida and John Gilmore, Product Managers on the HPE OneView team. Visit hpe.com/oneview for more information on the infrastructure management solution.

HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics Series – #2 Install Log Analytics

Video #2 (of 16) in an informal technical series covering the installation, configuration, and usage of HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics. This video shows how to install Azure Log Analytics.

HPE OneView Infrastructure Management

Get to know HPE OneView, the infrastructure management solution that will transform your HPE servers, storage and networking into software-defined infrastructure.

HPE Synergy with HPE Helion CloudSystem 10

With HPE Synergy with HPE Helion CloudSystem 10, set up your data center with the most agile hybrid IT solution. The combination of these two forward thinking HPE solutions is the optimal cloud solution for your data center.

New Hybrid Cloud Challenges Require New Solutions

Through HPE OneView integrations with composable ecosystem partners, such as Morpheus Data, IT administrators can link HPE OneView as a physical infrastructure provider into Open Source, Dev Ops or Cloud tools.

HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics – Demo

This video provides a demo overview of HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics.

HPE OneView for VMware vCenter updates using VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager

This video shows how customers can update an entire VMware cluster in a single maintenance window using the built-in support for vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM) using the HPE OneView Hardware Support Manager module.

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